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Friday, January 28, 2005
Whitman: GOP Foiled Security Efforts
By Alexander Lane
The Star-Ledger

Friday 28 January 2005

Book says legislators helped lobbyists defeat rules for chemical plants.
Industry lobbyists worked with key Republican lawmakers to sabotage new security regulations for chemical plants after the 9/11 attacks, Christie Whitman alleges in her new book.

Many chemical plants, including dozens in New Jersey, could release toxic clouds that could kill tens or even hundreds of thousands of people in the case of an attack or a major malfunction. Their security became a prime concern of experts after 9/11, but proposed regulations requiring safety measures failed to pass in Congress.

In her new book, "It's My Party Too," former New Jersey Gov. Whitman, who was head of the Environmental Protection Agency as the debate raged in Congress and the Bush administration -- placed the blame squarely at the feet of chemical-industry lobbyists and congressional Republicans.

Whitman wrote that she and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge crafted rules requiring the 15,000 most high-risk plants to "take reasonable steps to address those vulnerabilities, and report to the EPA that they had complied."

"Although both Tom and I agreed such legislation was necessary, strong congressional opposition, led by some Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee, to giving EPA even this modest additional statutory authority made it difficult to secure administration support," Whitman wrote, singling out Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) for blame.

She said she grew so frustrated she formally asked the White House to "relieve EPA of its lead responsibility for reducing the vulnerability of the chemical sector to attack."

"The American Chemistry Council (a chemical-industry lobbying group) fought hard against my efforts," Whitman wrote. "I sometimes wonder whether those companies spend more money trying to defeat new regulations than they would by simply complying with them."

There are still no federal regulations requiring chemical facilities to gird against attack.

"For instance, do you realize that as I speak a hundred
thousand lunatics of our species, wearing helmets, are busy killing and being
killed by a hundred thousand other animals in turbans, and that everywhere on
Earth this is how we have carried on since time immemorial?” -Voltaire
Bogus News
and Covert Propaganda

Meanwhile, the White House (R) has admitted paying numerous journalists to
dispense "covert propaganda" to the public.

Third Columnist Caught with Hand in Bush Till :

I remember Bill Maher, Whoopee Goldberg, Phil Donahue and several other commentators
and news personalities being fired for not "supporting the Whaite House agenda" last year.

Now we learn that the "reporeters" remaining were being paid to say what the rich guys wanted them to.

"Torture is OK, if we do it."

"oops, invaded the wrong country, but it is OK to bomb them anyway."
Tuesday, December 28, 2004
The War on Torture

.....special Metaphysics Anonymous committee on external affairs...

We have noticed a symmetry between terrorism and torture.

They are both tactics to influence military campaigns or
political movements.

They both tend to backfire, that is they can have the opposite effect than
the one intended.

The tactic of terror is used by political movements with no ability
or authority to negotiate, and who do not feel included in the political

The tactic of torture is used by political groups in power with
legal authority and is used to maintain that power.

The Encyclopedia Americana has a section on torture:

"In modern history, torture of the sort which largely utilized
mechanical devices, stemmed from the Greeks and Romans and spread
with the systemization of the Inquisition to all of Europe during
the 15th century, to be generally abandoned by the end of the 18th.
It seems to have been common enough in England although there it never
attained the status of legal recognition. Nor did it attain a legal form
in the United States, as is evident in the prohibition in the 8th
Amendment to the Constitution against the infliction of 'cruel and
unusual punishments.' But torture still exists even though the
picturesque boot, rack, and others have not survived. The so called
'third degree,' an illegal and atrocious abuse of power, may range
from the use of a rubber hose, kidney punches, and a skilled knowledge
of anatomy, to the devices of continuous questioning in relays, under
bright lights, without sleep, for periods of 48 hours or more."[1]

The article mentions groups who practice these methods:

"Nazis and Communists coupled these things with applications of castor oil
and dentist's drills plus the psychological coercion of 'brainwashing'
accompanied by general ill treatment, promises of good treatment,
and threats of injury to relatives."
....Encyclopedia Americana, [1]

Newer issues of this encyclopedia will have to be updated to include the
detail that some factions in the US government have decided that torture
will now be allowed and utilized.

We have been in contact with Capt. Nemo through his friend Col. Kurtz,
and he is planning to begin a part of the "War on Torture" by using
sarcasm against the "evildoers" who perpetrate this abomination.

The US government has decided to pull out of the international court
and not abide by the Geneva Convention, which they describe as "quaint."

Einstein has weighed in on the issue of international law:

"Henceforth every nation's foreign policy must be judged at every point
by one consideration: does it lead us to a world of law and order
or does it lead us back to anarchy and death?"..Albert Einstein [2]

Some people are worried by the bogus rationale for a recent war:

"The exercise of some nation-states of there as-yet-unlimited right
to lie, assassinate, terrorize, and wage war, and to justify these
actions in the name of 'national security' causes many to despair for the
future of our planet."..Myron W. Kronisch [3]

Reagan assumed the United States would continue to honor international law
and human rights:

"Our goals are those of the UN's founders, who sought to replace a world
at war with one where the rule of law would prevail, where human rights
were honored, where development would blossom, where conflict would
give way to freedom from violence."..Ronlad Reagan, 1983 [4]

If this bothers you, we can get reassurance from President G.W. Bush's
recent statement:

"I will not negotiate with myself."..G.W.Bush,[5]

We were going to print Captain Nemo's response to that remark, but in
light of the FCC'c recent rulings, it is unprintable. [6]


[1] Encyclopedia Americana, 1960. Vol XXVI , page 714

[2] Albert Einstein, quoted in "Planethood", by Ferencz and Keyes, 1988
pg 118

[3] Myron W. Kronisch, Campaign for UN Reform, ibid, pg 122

[4] President Ronald Reagan, Address to the UN General Assembly, 1983
ibid, pg 136

[5] President[sic] G.W. Bush, press conference, Dec., 2004

[6] I'm not telling!

....Memphis, 12-24-2004

Wednesday, December 01, 2004
recurrent suspicion

Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people
are right more than half of the time.

Many years ago, in Scotland, a new game was invented. It was ruled
"Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden"...and thus it became called GOLF.



The nonpartisan Verified Voting Foundation and other groups built a database
of more than 30,000 "election incidents" reported across the country this year.
Most were routine, but nearly 900 involved significant e-voting problems,
including malfunctions that shut down machines, lengthening waits at the polls.
There were 42 reports of total breakdowns of machines in New Orleans and
28 in Philadelphia and "15 reports of catastrophic machine failure" in
Mercer County, Pa.

Thousands of ballots were mistakenly double-counted in Sandusky County, Ohio;
Sarpy County, Neb.; and Grays Harbor County, Wash. Democrats in Washington
must decide by Friday whether to seek a second recount in the closest governor's
race in state history. One recount has been held, reducing Republican Dino Rossi's
261-vote lead to 42 votes over Democrat Christine Gregoire.

In Gahanna, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, Bush was temporarily credited with
3,893 more votes than he actually received in a precinct where only 638 voters
cast ballots on a Danaher electronic voting machine.

In Franklin County, Ind., a tabulator credited about 600 straight-ticket Democratic
votes to Libertarian Party candidates.

In Collin County, Texas, the memory card of a Diebold Election Systems touch-screen
machine had to be sent to a laboratory in Canada a week after the election to extract
information about 63 votes cast before the machine froze and was taken out of service.

In South Florida's Broward County, "multiple misrecordings" occurred when votes for
Kerry on touch-screens made by Election Systems & Software Inc. appeared as Bush votes,
and there was at least one account of a Bush vote going to Kerry, the Verified Voting
group reported. Broward voters discovered the problem on screens that allowed them to
check their selections before entering them electronically.

Clarke testimony

Monday, November 22, 2004
(You have to register to read this, but I found a copy at

Two precincts had high undercounts, analysis shows
By Ken McCall and Jim Bebbington

DAYTON | Two Montgomery County precincts had extraordinarily high numbers of ballots cast Nov. 2 with no presidential vote counted, and the county's overall rates of such undercounts were highest where Democratic hopeful John Kerry did best.

Undercounts are ballots that do not register a vote for a particular race, in this case for president. Two precincts — one in Kettering and another in Washington Twp. — had undercounts of more than 25 percent, according to a Dayton Daily News analysis of the county's unofficial results.

Overall in Montgomery County, 5,693 or 2 percent of the ballots cast registered no valid vote for president.

Election fraud articles:

More Votes than Voters

n 47 Florida counties, the number of presidential votes exceeded the
number of registered voters. Palm Beach County recorded 90,774 more
votes than voters and Miami-Dade had 51,979 more, while relatively
honest Orange County had only 1,648 more votes than voters. Overall,
Florida reported 237,522 more presidential votes (7.59 million) than
citizens who turned out to cast ballots (7.35 million).

Read the whole long article at

The Studies


The Berkeley Study:

On November 18, 2004 a University of California, Berkeley research team headed by Professor Michael Hout told a press conference that a study the team conducted focused on electronic machine voting in Florida. While all 67 Florida counties were reviewed, the study shows there is a statistical anomaly in three southern counties which gave President Bush between 130,000 and 260,000 or more extra votes. At issue were Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami Dade counties. In Broward County alone, Mr. Bush appears to have received 72,000 excess votes. (See study summary.)

Hout said, “We can be 99.9% sure that these effects are not attributable to chance.”

The research team is comprised of doctoral students and faculty in the UC Berkeley sociology department. Dr. Hout is a nationally known expert on statistical methods and a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the UC Berkeley Survey Research Center.

Hout explained that what happened in the three counties, “was out of pattern with what occurred in the other 64 counties in the state. For the sake of all future elections involving electronic voting—someone must investigate and explain the statistical anomalies in Florida. We’re calling on voting officials in Florida to take action.”

According to the study President Bush received a total of 1,157,435 votes when he should have received between 900,000 and 1,020,000. Hout said, “All I know is that the smoke alarm’s gone off, it’s up to the Fire Department now.”

If the extra votes were simply added to Mr. Bush’s total votes, his “stuffed” ballots would have added 130,000 votes to his tally and the county totals should reveal the additional votes by comparing the signed-in number of voters to the actual votes. If however, 130,000 votes were taken away from Kerry and converted to the use of Bush, then Bush’s net gain would be 260,000 votes. Bush won Florida by about 311,000 votes, so investigators would have to locate another 52,000 or more unlawful votes in the state before Kerry could claim the presidency based on Florida's votes.

The Freeman Study:

On November 15, 2004, Dr. Steven F. Freeman, faculty member of the University of Pennsylvania, authorized the Yurica Report to post the latest draft of his research paper, “The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy.” #4-09 (Dr. Freeman’s areas of expertise include resilience, innovation and research methods.) In this latest draft, Dr. Freeman emphasizes that the exit polls he used were “uncorrected” polls. It is not well known that the media change their exit poll data to conform to the actual poll numbers following the close of the polls. However, Freeman was able to obtain a copy of the uncorrected exit polls that reflect the accurate survey of voters. This is the reason that some research teams have not had the same results as Freeman. (Other teams, Freeman said, “used data in which the count is assumed correct to prove that the count is correct—and then used their report to dismiss allegations that anything is awry.”

Dr. Freeman's paper focuses on the three major battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Freeman said, “The conventional wisdom going into the election was that these three critical states would likely determine who would win the Presidential election.” He was right.

Freeman said, “Most Americans who listened to radio or surfed the Internet on Election Day this year, sat down to watch election night coverage expecting that John Kerry had been elected President. Exit polls showed him ahead in nearly every battleground state, in many cases by sizable margins.” Freeman pointed out, “Undecided voters broke heavily toward the challenger, and the Democratic Party, possibly better organized and more committed than ever in their history, generated extraordinary turnout.”

It was widely reported that Karen Hughes believed that Mr. Bush was going down to a sure defeat and informed the President of that fact. Then something happened. According to Freeman, “In key state after key state, counts were showing very different numbers than the exit polls predicted and the differentials were all in the same direction.”

Much has been said by the media that exit polls were not intended to verify the results of an election, but Freeman points out the unique accuracy of exit polls. He wrote, “Exit polls are surveys taken of representative respondents from the overall voting population.” People are asked how they voted—not how they will vote.

Freeman conducts an analysis of Kerry’s votes: The likelihood of Kerry receiving only 47.1% in Florida, given that the exit polls indicated 49.7% is less than three in one thousand. Although Kerry did carry Pennsylvania, the likelihood of his receiving only 50.8% given that the exit polls indicated 54.1% is less than two in one thousand. Similarly the likelihood of Kerry receiving only 48.5% in Ohio, given the exit polls indicated 52.1% is less than one in one thousand (.0008).

Freeman says, “The likelihood of any two of these statistical anomalies occurring together is on the order of one-in-a-million. The odds against all three occurring together are 250 million to one. As much as we can say in social science that something is impossible, it is impossible that the discrepancies between predicted and actual vote counts in the three critical battleground states could have been due to chance or random error.”

Freeman concludes his study by making it clear that it is the “responsibility of the media, academia, polling agencies, and the public to investigate.”

I suggest that it is also the responsibility of the FBI to investigate on the grounds of suspicion that the government of the United States has been defrauded.

The Ignatzmouse Study of North Carolina:

When blogger ignatzmouse looked over the North Carolina election returns, he thought "things looked funny." They were out of sync with the exit polls for one thing and no one could believe Erskine Bowles lost his Senate race. After downloading the precinct data, Ignatzmouse noticed that the absentee vote, which also included the early voting data, was huge. In fact he found that the file held more than a million votes and nearly a full third of the total vote. (30%) It offered him the chance to compare an unadulterated voting pattern against the strange results of election day. What he found out was stunning. By using benchmark absentee data against election day returns, a compelling case for purposeful tampering of the electronic data is made. (See below.)

Ignatzmouse discovered what Dr. Freeman observed: with essentially the same vote demographics in the absentee votes and the poll votes, there was a sudden shift of 6.4% of the vote toward the Republican. But when he compared his data to the Presidential race, he met sheer absurdity. By all standards of reason, the other two-thirds of the vote should be very close to the same result, or Kerry should have been behind by 6 points. Instead there was a sudden and unexplained plummet in the very same electorate of nine points, which more than doubled Kerry's overall margin of defeat. This meant a 15 point edge for Bush in North Carolina on election day. Read the study and data here.

The Cuyahoga County, Ohio Study:

There are 93,000 Extra Votes In Cuyahoga County.

By Teed Rockwell

November 12, 2004

Smoking Gun

You may have seen the associated press story about the precinct in Cuyahoga county that had less than 1,000 voters, and gave Bush almost 4,000 extra votes.

But that turns out to be only the tip of a very ugly iceberg. The evidence discovered by some remarkably careful sleuthing would convince any reasonable court to invalidate the entire Ohio election.

In last Tuesday's election, 29 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, reported votes cast IN EXCESS of the number of registered voters - at least 93,136 extra votes total. And the numbers are right there on the official Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website:

Bay Village - 13,710 registered voters / 18,663 ballots cast

Beachwood - 9,943 registered voters / 13,939 ballots cast

Bedford - 9,942 registered voters / 14,465 ballots cast

Bedford Heights - 8,142 registered voters / 13,512 ballots cast

Brooklyn - 8,016 registered voters / 12,303 ballots cast

Brooklyn Heights - 1,144 registered voters / 1,869 ballots cast

Chagrin Falls Village - 3,557 registered voters / 4,860 ballots cast

Cuyahoga Heights - 570 registered voters / 1,382 ballots cast

Fairview Park - 13,342 registered voters / 18,472 ballots cast

Highland Hills Village - 760 registered voters / 8,822 ballots cast

Independence - 5,735 registered voters / 6,226 ballots cast

Mayfield Village - 2,764 registered voters / 3,145 ballots cast

Middleburg Heights - 12,173 registered voters / 14,854 ballots cast

Moreland Hills Village - 2,990 registered voters / 4,616 ballots cast

North Olmstead - 25,794 registered voters / 25,887 ballots cast

Olmstead Falls - 6,538 registered voters / 7,328 ballots cast

Pepper Pike - 5,131 registered voters / 6,479 ballots cast

Rocky River - 16,600 registered voters / 20,070 ballots cast

Solon (WD6) - 2,292 registered voters / 4,300 ballots cast

South Euclid - 16,902 registered voters / 16,917 ballots cast

Strongsville (WD3) - 7,806 registered voters / 12,108 ballots cast

University Heights - 10,072 registered voters / 11,982 ballots cast

Valley View Village - 1,787 registered voters / 3,409 ballots cast

Warrensville Heights - 10,562 registered voters / 15,039 ballots cast

Woodmere Village - 558 registered voters / 8,854 ballots cast

Bedford (CSD) - 22,777 registered voters / 27,856 ballots cast

Independence (LSD) - 5,735 registered voters / 6,226 ballots cast

Orange (CSD) - 11,640 registered voters / 22,931 ballots cast

Warrensville (CSD) - 12,218 registered voters / 15,822 ballots cast

The Republicans are so BUSTED. the official website of the Cuyahoga county election board, providing irrefutable evidence that the vote was off by at least 93,000. Kerry lost Ohio by approximately 130,000 votes, so this is not an insignificant figure that can be ignored, particularly when there are numerous other indications of voter fraud in Ohio and elsewhere.

I think the only possible alternative is to invalidate the entire Ohio election, if not the entire national election. I'd say the game's up.

America, it looks pretty much like you've been had.

Teed Rockwell
Philosophy Department
Sonoma State University

Monday, November 15, 2004
Recount in Ohio a Sure Thing

Presidential Race Still Undecided in New Mexico

Kerry Campaign Scrutinizes Ohio

MSNBC Vote Fraud Video (Must See) | 'I Smell a Rat'

Wikipedia article
Vote Fraud links

Better yet, check out

Monday, September 13, 2004
The Penultimate Metaphor

In "the Penultimte Truth", government propaganda keeps workers underground in factories by convincing them that it is too dangerous to go outside.

That plot carries a current issue to an extreme, and converts it to humor.

It is also the individual's choice.

One metaphor that P.K. Dick wanted us to think of was that some jobs are like that.

Sometimes, people get into situations or jobs that involve a mindset which
put unnecessary fear into the view of the world, and prevents the individual
from making appropriate choices and adaptations.

I think the analogy can be carried further, any worry cab be transformed into
action or acceptance if the fear is eliminated.

Justs as boredom means there is something you forgot to do, worry means there
is something you are afraid of dealing with.

(That thought helped me deal with the conclusuion of Fahrenheit 9/11.)

Physics and Society
By Jan Lundberg

A petroleum-free, no-growth economic future is not a sufficiently viable basis for a positive vision to achieve a sustainable society. Awareness of our place in nature is essential, but in a world distorted by artificial systems in a decaying environment we must also become aware of the limitations of what we accept as objective reality. Physics has shown that every individual's consciousness is always co-creating in a unified, interconnected reality with every particle and wave that exists and that has ever existed and that will exist.

Unless we broaden and deepen our perception of both the universe and our fellow members of society, we all may perish in persisting to manipulate each other and our ecosystem with materialism and exploitation. The infinite expanse and inward depth of our interconnected consciousness, according to physics, allows for a wide range of outcomes flowing simply from our awareness - even without action taken. As controlling as this might be, it is patently insufficient thus far to aid us in assuring survival, perhaps due to the small minority practicing full consciousness.

The obstacle is from the majority: Reality perceived in a limited, material way - by individuals imagining themselves to be merely separate, independent beings - causes their cultural programming to allow them to see only what they expect to see. In today's trying cultural/perceptual reality, almost all of us in modern society thus fail to sense the greater, inextricable unity of the known and "hidden" universe.

from Doom and Gloom? Your Perception Calls the Tune
By Jan Lundberg
Culture Change e-Letter

Thursday 09 September 2004

The Dishonesty Thing
By Paul Krugman
The New York Times

Friday 10 September 2004

It's the dishonesty, stupid. The real issue in the National Guard story isn't what George W. Bush did three decades ago. It's the recent pattern of lies: his assertions that he fulfilled his obligations when he obviously didn't, the White House's repeated claims that it had released all of the relevant documents when it hadn't.

It's the same pattern of dishonesty, this time involving personal matters that the public can easily understand, that some of us have long seen on policy issues, from global warming to the war in Iraq. On budget matters, which is where I came in, serious analysts now take administration dishonesty for granted.
Wednesday, September 08, 2004
The first step in a fascist movement is the combination under an energetic leader of a number of men who possess more than the average share of leisure, brutality, and stupidity. The next step is to fascinate fools and muzzle the intelligent, by emotional excitement on the one hand and terrorism on the other. (Bertrand Russell: Freedom, Harcourt Brace, 1940)

The Guardian,3604,1297064,00.html

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