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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
The War on Torture

.....special Metaphysics Anonymous committee on external affairs...

We have noticed a symmetry between terrorism and torture.

They are both tactics to influence military campaigns or
political movements.

They both tend to backfire, that is they can have the opposite effect than
the one intended.

The tactic of terror is used by political movements with no ability
or authority to negotiate, and who do not feel included in the political

The tactic of torture is used by political groups in power with
legal authority and is used to maintain that power.

The Encyclopedia Americana has a section on torture:

"In modern history, torture of the sort which largely utilized
mechanical devices, stemmed from the Greeks and Romans and spread
with the systemization of the Inquisition to all of Europe during
the 15th century, to be generally abandoned by the end of the 18th.
It seems to have been common enough in England although there it never
attained the status of legal recognition. Nor did it attain a legal form
in the United States, as is evident in the prohibition in the 8th
Amendment to the Constitution against the infliction of 'cruel and
unusual punishments.' But torture still exists even though the
picturesque boot, rack, and others have not survived. The so called
'third degree,' an illegal and atrocious abuse of power, may range
from the use of a rubber hose, kidney punches, and a skilled knowledge
of anatomy, to the devices of continuous questioning in relays, under
bright lights, without sleep, for periods of 48 hours or more."[1]

The article mentions groups who practice these methods:

"Nazis and Communists coupled these things with applications of castor oil
and dentist's drills plus the psychological coercion of 'brainwashing'
accompanied by general ill treatment, promises of good treatment,
and threats of injury to relatives."
....Encyclopedia Americana, [1]

Newer issues of this encyclopedia will have to be updated to include the
detail that some factions in the US government have decided that torture
will now be allowed and utilized.

We have been in contact with Capt. Nemo through his friend Col. Kurtz,
and he is planning to begin a part of the "War on Torture" by using
sarcasm against the "evildoers" who perpetrate this abomination.

The US government has decided to pull out of the international court
and not abide by the Geneva Convention, which they describe as "quaint."

Einstein has weighed in on the issue of international law:

"Henceforth every nation's foreign policy must be judged at every point
by one consideration: does it lead us to a world of law and order
or does it lead us back to anarchy and death?"..Albert Einstein [2]

Some people are worried by the bogus rationale for a recent war:

"The exercise of some nation-states of there as-yet-unlimited right
to lie, assassinate, terrorize, and wage war, and to justify these
actions in the name of 'national security' causes many to despair for the
future of our planet."..Myron W. Kronisch [3]

Reagan assumed the United States would continue to honor international law
and human rights:

"Our goals are those of the UN's founders, who sought to replace a world
at war with one where the rule of law would prevail, where human rights
were honored, where development would blossom, where conflict would
give way to freedom from violence."..Ronlad Reagan, 1983 [4]

If this bothers you, we can get reassurance from President G.W. Bush's
recent statement:

"I will not negotiate with myself."..G.W.Bush,[5]

We were going to print Captain Nemo's response to that remark, but in
light of the FCC'c recent rulings, it is unprintable. [6]


[1] Encyclopedia Americana, 1960. Vol XXVI , page 714

[2] Albert Einstein, quoted in "Planethood", by Ferencz and Keyes, 1988
pg 118

[3] Myron W. Kronisch, Campaign for UN Reform, ibid, pg 122

[4] President Ronald Reagan, Address to the UN General Assembly, 1983
ibid, pg 136

[5] President[sic] G.W. Bush, press conference, Dec., 2004

[6] I'm not telling!

....Memphis, 12-24-2004

Wednesday, December 01, 2004
recurrent suspicion

Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people
are right more than half of the time.

Many years ago, in Scotland, a new game was invented. It was ruled
"Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden"...and thus it became called GOLF.



The nonpartisan Verified Voting Foundation and other groups built a database
of more than 30,000 "election incidents" reported across the country this year.
Most were routine, but nearly 900 involved significant e-voting problems,
including malfunctions that shut down machines, lengthening waits at the polls.
There were 42 reports of total breakdowns of machines in New Orleans and
28 in Philadelphia and "15 reports of catastrophic machine failure" in
Mercer County, Pa.

Thousands of ballots were mistakenly double-counted in Sandusky County, Ohio;
Sarpy County, Neb.; and Grays Harbor County, Wash. Democrats in Washington
must decide by Friday whether to seek a second recount in the closest governor's
race in state history. One recount has been held, reducing Republican Dino Rossi's
261-vote lead to 42 votes over Democrat Christine Gregoire.

In Gahanna, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, Bush was temporarily credited with
3,893 more votes than he actually received in a precinct where only 638 voters
cast ballots on a Danaher electronic voting machine.

In Franklin County, Ind., a tabulator credited about 600 straight-ticket Democratic
votes to Libertarian Party candidates.

In Collin County, Texas, the memory card of a Diebold Election Systems touch-screen
machine had to be sent to a laboratory in Canada a week after the election to extract
information about 63 votes cast before the machine froze and was taken out of service.

In South Florida's Broward County, "multiple misrecordings" occurred when votes for
Kerry on touch-screens made by Election Systems & Software Inc. appeared as Bush votes,
and there was at least one account of a Bush vote going to Kerry, the Verified Voting
group reported. Broward voters discovered the problem on screens that allowed them to
check their selections before entering them electronically.

Clarke testimony

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